Provocator Club Hair Salon is a trendsetter in the field of hairdressing, hair styling and coloring, sets trends and already today knows what will be fashionable tomorrow. Provocator Hair Club is the world’s most respectable hairdressing brand of beauty boutiques (Dubai,New-York, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg), using exclusive authorized techniques and the best brands of hair dyes.


Provocator Club Hair Salon is a haircut, hair coloring and care “beauty world” for fashionable, stylish, elegant and successful young girls and women who are always in the spotlight. Understanding the client, carefully considering all his/her needs, guaranteeing quality – that’s the top success secret of the beauty boutiques of Provocator Club Hair Salon and its world recognition.


The first facility was opened in Moscow in 2015 and quickly began to enjoy incredible success in the midst of the inhabitants and tourists of Moscow. In 2018, the second facility was opened in St. Petersburg. In 2019, Provocator Club Hair Salon got registered in the United States. In 2020 in New York right in the heart of Manhattan (midtown) a third flagship project is opened. In 2023 the Dubai hair salon was opened.



Kate Sukhotin / Founder

Kate ran salons in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg during COVID-19, Under her watch we were able to sustain our high customer satisfaction and quality of work, as well as comply with all strict sanitary rules!

Sergio & Kate Sukhotin and their crew are available to help anyone suffering from hair loss, alopecia, or partial hair loss to regain their confidence and natural beauty, all in the complete privacy and seclusion of their Hair Boutiques.

 Non-surgical hair restoration has become a popular request and preferred approach for women all around the world thanks to their special products.

Sergio Sukhotin / Founder

Sergio has been dubbed the “King of Hair” by the press, and is the trademark owner of the “Eksprovocator,” the only hair extension technology that does not harm natural hair.

  “Come in with the hair you have and leave with the hair you’ve always desired.” – He suggests.

Sergio Sukhotin is unquestionably the most well-known “celebrity” artist in the world. His work has been featured in dozens of fashion magazines, and he has worked with some of Hollywood’s most prominent females and males, including notable models, actresses, celebrities, and stars. One of Sergio Sukhotin’s tried-and-true strategies for ensuring client happiness is to provide new customers with an initial hair examination as soon as they visit the salon.

Sergio has managed  to create and run a business in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, in New York City,  and successfully grew it into the best hair salon in the city with exceptional services, novel procedures, and top specialists.












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